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Trisha Perez & Associates sold our home in a way we’ve never seen before. Their attention to detail and negotiation skills resulted in an all cash offer $490,900 in just a week.We couldn’t have asked for better representation.
- Alen & Chelda -


We believe that first impressions are everything, therefore we go to the next level when it comes to marketing and photography. Our expert  photographers have a passion for creating not just photos and videos of your home, but instilling an emotional reaction and capturing the uniqueness of your home.  


This often includes using several types of equipment in addition to drones that will ensure every feature is highlighted.  


One of our unique strengths is the ability to market each home with a singular brand using both our creative vision and strategic planning to sell your home AND get the best possible price.


Design and decor have a huge impact on the first impression buyers get as they enter your home.  As a team of experts in our field, we will evaluate and make recommendations that capture the essence of your home and create that emotional attachment that buyers expect when they enter their dream home.


In our collaborative process, we balance beautiful design along with  memorable experiences.  Remember, prospective buyers will respond to different types of media. Some prefer the written word; others like to watch video.


Some respond to visually-stimulating images. We aim to cover all the bases by diversifying our visual portfolio through our custom websites.


Our social media marketing centers on creating content around your home that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their networks.


Combined with strategic target marketing, it is currently the most effective  and measurable way of online marketing globally and locally.


Our PR team develops a story and a buzz around our properties that is exciting and relevant to today’s consumer.  


The result is an increased visibility and recognition of your home on as many respected editorial platforms as possible, such as Los Angeles Times Home Of The Day, Blogs like Curbed LA or websites such as 805 Living.

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