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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Selling This House — but We're Surprised He Owned It to Begin With

Leonardo DiCaprio's hasn't been shy about his interest in real estate. He has a stunning Palm Springs property available as a vacation rental, recently renovated and listed a $10.95 million Malibu beach house, and is opening an eco-resort off the coast of Belize. His latest property to hit the market however, is surprisingly less grand than the others. It's a $2.395 million four-bedroom, three-bath vintage California ranch located in Studio City, a suburb of Los Angeles. The 3,407-square-foot home oozes with idyllic suburban charm down to the picket fence — but it's is decidedly not the type of property that comes to mind when we think of swinging bachelor Leo. With it's sprawling, green lot and fully equipped kitchen, the home is best suited to a family. There's plenty of room for a swing set in the lush backyard, which overlooks the mountains. The inviting swimming pool is perfect for both adults' and kids' parties. Take a look at the property for yourself in the images ahead.

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