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Support Childhood Cancer Research—Come to the Ever After Ball

A onesie in size 2T reads in bold letters across the chest, “Terrible Twos: nailed it”! Anyone who has ever interacted with a two-year old can’t help but smile at that statement. There are things we can expect from children at certain ages. What the Hammersley family didn’t expect from their beloved toddler, however, was the diagnosis she was given—two-year old Hazel had cancer.

After sixteen months of chemotherapy, a tumor resection surgery, stem-cell transplant, medically induced coma, radiation and immunotherapy, the cancer was gone. Yet, sadly, two and half years later, Hazel relapsed. But that’s not the end of the story.

Last year, Hazel’s mom Lauren partnered with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to put on a fundraiser gala at CBS Studios in Burbank. The proceeds were given to childhood cancer research, which includes clinical trials. Hazel directly benefitted from a medical clinical trial the foundation donated to in order to help fund relapse neuroblastoma. As a result, the FDA was able to approve the drug just before Hazel relapsed. Young Hazel was given a targeted therapy for a gene mutation. This treatment, along with more chemotherapy, did the trick! About a month ago, and now at the ripe ‘ol age of six, Hazel was pronounced cancer free! Those who donated money to the fundraiser played an integral part in this victory. Talk about a wise investment!

Lauren Hammersley is a client and friend of ours at Trisha Perez and Associates. We have sought to support the Hammersley family in this complex, heartbreaking and on-going journey and this month we have another opportunity that will not only continue to benefit Hazel, but countless others like her. And you’re invited to join us!

On August 26th, the Hammersley family, partnering with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, will host its 2nd annual fundraiser gala—“Ever After Ball”—at CBS studios. Join in on this King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table-themed evening where we will not only enjoy great food, cocktails, a silent auction and top-notch entertainment from people like Dane Cook and a Magic Castle magician, but we will make a difference in the lives of children battling cancer. Get your tickets today at (Unable to attend? Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.)

Two-year olds—and children of all ages—along with their families need your support as they journey through their “unexpected.” Whether or not you can give, we ask that you pray for sweet Hazel and her family. Won’t you join us in making a difference?

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