The Pearl District Restaurant in Westlake Village | A Realtor's Perspective

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” -Aristotle

When we find something of quality that delights us, we can’t help but want to tell others about it. That’s how we at Trisha Perez & Associates feel about the Pearl District Restaurant in Westlake Village.

Owner Peyman Afshar is no novice to the restaurant biz. The Pearl District is his eighth restaurant and the experience and know-how he brings to the table (literally and figuratively) benefits each guest who walks through the door.

The Pearl District offers a unique experience, from the staff to the cocktails and to the cuisine you will savor. A number of Afshar’s staff have been with him for a long time—some for over 18 years—which says a lot. He trains his staff to imagine that people are coming to their own home. They are to treat them with genuine hospitality while being mindful that at the end of a guest’s experience comes a bill so what they receive for their dollar must be well worth it. Quality in all areas is key.

Executive Chef Richard DeMane contributes to the quality experience you can expect at the Pearl District by creating dishes with different flavors and textures while using in-season, fresh food. A unique feature in the restaurant’s kitchen is that the only freezer you’ll find there is an ice-cream freezer! Each dish comes to you fresh, not frozen, as the food is prepared daily. This means the menu changes often (two to three items change every week) and with the seasons. Even the cocktails are made with unique, fresh elements—not concocted with pre-flavored ingredients.

Who doesn’t desire to experience quality in life? We want to be able to count on quality products, quality service and, certainly, quality relationships. Here at Trisha Perez & Associates, we believe that this is what you’ll enjoy at The Pearl District Restaurant in Westlake Village—quality done right and without pretense. Visit The Pearl District to be wined and dined or to simply enjoy a special experience, yet feel at home. You won’t be disappointed. Hope to see you there!

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